Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Day 12: Surgery Stinks.

No, really.  That's the official diagnosis.

Two days ago I was cool as a cucumber when I wrote that post, because I saw one doctor somewhere on the internet say that the odor was normal.  But clearly, I spend too much time online, because I wouldn't give it a rest and yesterday, I found THIS.  That there is a link to a forum where someone with my same problem (very inarticulately) asked a panel of plastic surgeons about it, and all of them recommended that the person with the post-rhinoplasty stanknose see their surgeon ASAP, because it could be normal, or it could be an infection or some other things that sounded really gross.

So I went in yesterday.  And Dr. Haas took a peek and tapped around and then told me, "You had an operation.  You're smelling blood and boogers."

Well, color me an embarrassed hypochondriac.  But he was nice about it, and told me to keep on with the saline spray, possibly look into getting a water pick or Neti pot, and it will go away.  And then he called me today to check on me and said to let him know if it's still there in a week or so, which was also very nice.  But OMG, y'all.  It smells like a dead animal crawled up there and then died again, and if I want to breathe, I have to either smell it or taste it.

My best friend at the moment is a Bath and Body Works Japanese Cherry Blossom fragrance roll-on, which I'm rolling on my upper lip in between saline flushes.  Luckily, it has gotten a little better in the last couple days, although it does tend to come in waves.  Also, since the smell is coming from within my own nasal cavities, other people around me can't smell it.  I just hope I get past this soon, because this BY FAR has been the worst part of my recovery.


  1. Oww.. smell from your own nose? That's a critical one situation. Thank god that rhinoplasty

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  4. Thanks for sharing this post.I noted that complete change in people's own self-perception. Nose reshape is always very sensitive to exfoliate away all of the lovely tiny whiteheads that were waiting for me under the splint.

  5. This happened to me too but my surgeon suggested me Revision. My Rhinoplasty was unbelievable.

  6. I've been checking out your blog from time to time regarding your experience in rhinoplasty post op. Do you have any after photos of the front view? I would like to see the difference in the front. Thanks!

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