Monday, August 1, 2011

Recovery: Day 4

Today I had a little more pain than yesterday.  I'm pretty sure it's a combination of sleeping in bed and not the recliner for the first time, and being the worst recovery patient ever.  I've been running around all day, doing stuff in the yard, etc, and haven't taken any pain pills.  Not to mention I can't keep my hands away from my nose, and I might as well give up on the "no sniffing" thing, because as much as I try not to, it happens completely involuntarily.

Tomorrow at my appointment to get the splint taken off (yayy!!) I'm going to ask Dr. Haas if I really have to wait another 9 days to return to work.  I feel like I'd be just fine to return to work as soon as this splint is off, tomorrow afternoon even, but then again, my job requires me physically lifting and rolling patients, so I don't want to cause any setbacks to my healing.  I'm just so BORED.  I feel like I'm serving a home incarceration sentence.  I haven't been anywhere besides my parents' house and my own house since Wednesday, and I'm usually such a busy person.  I'm accustomed to working full time and going to school full time, and now I'm watching movies, reading, and sleeping full time.

It's my blog and I can give TMI if I want to.  Let's just say that my one problem has "regulated" but I'm going to continue with the stool softeners for now.  Also, I'm sorry if anyone is uncomfortable or grossed out by me talking about this on my blog.   At work I have to chart all of my patients' voids right down to descriptions and size.  Not only am I totally desensitized to the ick factor of it, but I'm also very conscious of how important regularity is to your health, and 4 days without a BM was worrisome.

Aaaaaaaannnddd, here is a picture.  Not much change from yesterday.  I still have the tiniest bit of swelling, and yellow fading bruises under my eyes.  And now my face is red and officially broken out in tiny rashlike bumps, due to what I suspect are hormones, the fact that I can't thoroughly wash my face, and possibly one of my medications.  So as I'm sure you can tell from the tone of this entire blog entry and the look on my face below, today was not the greatest day for me.

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